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The Live Like Jojo Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, that recognizes, advocates for, and celebrates moments. Moments matter, and we as a foundation set out to gift moments that will be far-reaching and long-lasting in impact. Many children and families navigate an unknown and tireless journey of therapies, blood draws, doctor visits, and hospitalizations. When a family with a child facing chronic healthcare challenges is given the opportunity to pause, step into, and embrace in a joy-filled moment, this family will savor these moments for a lifetime. Our foundation and Jojo community is committed to supporting and encouraging the entire family by providing unique opportunities, meaningful gifts, relevant education, and empowerment for the journey.

The Vision

Our vision is that every child, regardless of healthcare challenges, be given the opportunity to experience joy-filled, meaningful experiences with their families.

The Mission

The mission of the Live Like JoJo Foundation is to infuse joy and enrich the lives of children and families impacted by chronic healthcare challenges in Southern California through activities, advocacy, and support.

To achieve our mission, we have three goals:


Provide customized, connection-oriented, joy-filled experiences for families with children with special needs/chronic healthcare issues.


Provide support, education, and advocacy for these families.


Provide meaningful, joy-filled moments to outpatients and inpatients in the local children’s hospital (CHOC), through springtime Sunshine boxes and fall baskets for Thanksgiving day.

Jojo's Family

Two people fell in love, got married, and gave birth to four crazy boys. One of these boys held a very unique purpose. He spent most of his seven years impacting hearts, treasuring moments, and making people feel like they truly mattered. One tragic, but long awaited day, his body finally gave up, and the world came crashing down. For the two in love and the three brothers that remained, it felt as if it was all over, the horizon looked bleak and filled with hopelessness.

But the community who loved this family would not let it be. It was far from over. They would come out in droves to say, “We will not forget that amazing boy and our lives are forever changed by knowing him. We will show up, share his beautiful memory, and honor his name by giving back to the community. Jojo’s seven years will have not been in vain. His legacy will continue to live on.”

About a year later, at the 2019 CHOC Walk, a young man witnessed something very special. He observed and engaged with Jojo’s people that day and with Jojo’s unfolding and continuing story. Overwhelmed and inspired, this young man came to the Cline Family, “There is a great purpose here, a strong mission , and a beautiful message for the world, let me help you share Jojo’s story.” Nick Lodge is that young man, and he continues to be a visionary in sharing Jojo’s story as a leader in the Live Like Jojo Foundation.

The Cline Family could not be more blessed or more grateful to each one of you. This incredible Jojo community has created a legacy of love. They continually show up and give back to the families that need a burst of sunshine or hope. From the bottom of their hearts, Jon, Monica, Justin, Jackson, and Jeremiah would like to thank you for being there and honoring Jordan’s life story and legacy.

P.S. They are forever “quilting" in Jojo stories as they go along, if you have one, please email or share on social media with #livelikejojo! Be well!



Monica Cline
CEO, Founder

Monica Kalua Cline, Jojo’s mother, considers it a privilege and a gift to call Jojo her son. She was his care provider, protector, advocator, cheerleader, crisis manager, medical assistant, forward thinker, and champion of all things Jojo. She is the dreamer and the stalwart of the organization. From initiatives to events, lemonade stands to volunteer relationships, Monica is dedicated and devoted to the foundation’s impact and longevity. She has witnessed firsthand the power of sharing Jojo’s story and honoring his life through tender acts of kindness. Monica is grateful to her outstanding leadership team and greathearted community.

Heather Hersperger
Director of Operations


Having known Jordan in a deep and personal way, Heather is able to lead from the big picture, ensuring that the organization reflects who Jojo was and what Jojo’s legacy stands for: moments, joy, and connection. Heather has an extensive background in luxury hotels, sales, and events. She is responsible for managing resources, developing and implementing the operational plans. We are grateful to Heather for the innumerable volunteer hours she dedicates to the foundation every week. The Live Like Jojo Foundation exists today because of her passion, heart, soul, and love of Jojo.

Nicholas Lodge, MBA,ACHE


 Nicholas is a visionary and a creator. Nick's MBA background is a tremendous asset in developing strategic processes for organizational growth, innovation, and impact. Nick's volunteer position also includes facilitating communication and connection in the growing Jojo community of volunteers. Nick was the catalyst; his inspiration and belief in Jojo’s story made the dream of an organization into a reality. The Live Like Jojo Foundation has impacted countless lives, brought joy into many hospital rooms and encouraged many families with chronic healthcare challenges, we thank you Nick!



Monica Cline
Board Chair

Bachelors of Science,
Occupational Therapy

Jon Cline
Vice Chair

Emergency Medicine Physician,
Mission Hospital

Sharon Custer
Board Member

Real Estate Agent,
First Team Real Estate and Christie's International

Deborah Kwon
Board Member

Management Consultant, Stanford University

Peter Priebe 
Board Member


Michelle Maddox 
Board Member


Jan Johnson, M.D.
Board Member

Vice President,
Sea View Pediatric Medical Associates, Inc.

Todd Hersperger

VP Asset Management,
Sunstone Hotel Investors

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